Professor MD Kirkovsky V, Ph.D. I.Rovdo, 

Belarusian State Medical University

Recently the number of allergic diseases has grown considerably. The traditional methods of treatment of allergic patients are often ineffective; therefore it is necessary to develop new methods for treatment of such patients. It is well known that the high blood level of IgE is the key element in pathogenesis of most allergic diseases...

Kirkovski V.V.Belarusian State Medical University

The protease-inhibitor system imbalance is the key element of alterations in purulent inflammatory diseases such as purulent peritonitis and destructive pancreatitis. This imbalance is the result of a massive release of cellular proteases...

User application: haemosorbent «LPS-НЕМО» 

1. The general provisions 

«LPS-НЕМО» is an biospecific lipopolysaccharide hemosorbent, polymer matrix with immobilized ligand in it - antibiotic Polymyxin